Thursday, November 21, 2013

The BEST DUPLO Sets for Christmas 2013

DUPLO is my favorite toy for Toddlers. Not only is it an excellent introduction to LEGO, but it is clever, educational, and imaginative. If you have a lot of it, you can really enjoy some family time building something fantastic together, so get that collection started!

Jake's Pirate Ship or Ariel's Castle make perfect gifts for the little ones, depending on what they're into. There are other princess and Jake sets, so you can add multiple sets to a gift as well. 

Amazon is a good place to look for these sets, but don't forget to look for DUPLO at

Amazon may have some better deals and free shipping, but some of the prices on DUPLO sets are inflated, so I encourage you to check both sites before you buy. If you go with, make sure you sign up for VIP points and collect your points at checkout. You may be entitled to a future discount!

This makes a great supplemental set to the Jake ship.

Disney Pixar Planes is another awesome theme that you can buy 1 set or all three as the perfect toddler gift! I'm also a fan of buying some for myself and keeping them new in the box for future investment. Have you seen how much retired sets go for on eBay? Especially valuable are the the character themes like Disney/Pixar!

Of course the Disney princess sets are adorable and a must have for any little Disney fan! There are also other princess sets that can go along with this one and the more DUPLO you have, the more you can build!

This is the train set that you want to get this season for your little one. My best advice is to buy from because it seems that the price is ridiculously inflated on Amazon. 

The coolest thing about this set is the raised bridge. Althought we already have train tracks and trains, we do not have a raised bridge. Therefore, if we can get our hands on this set at LEGOLAND, we will be buying it there. If not, I may just try to buy the raised bridge alone on the secondary market. 

The second coolest thing is that the engine makes motor sounds. Anything with light and sound, I believe, enhances the experience.

So stay away from the cheap and cheesy Mega Bloks and buy some beautiful, quality LEGO DUPLO this season.

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