Friday, November 22, 2013

Warby Parker Created Stylish Frames with Beck

The eyeglass house Warby Parker has teamed up with Beck to create a limited-edition pair of frames to promote Beck's upcoming Song Reader concert. 

I'm a longtime fan of Beck. I have a devil's haircut in my mind, too, but you don't have to know his musical genius to love these frames. You can get the frames with polarizing lenses and either "Rootbeer" or "Crystal" in  prescription or non-prescription.

The new Limited Edition Carmichael Frames - Inspired by Beck, are available to purchase today and are only available while supplies last. The Carmichael frames are available in two different styles for both men and women.

To check out the Carmichael frames or to learn more about the Warby Parker and Beck collaboration, check out

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