Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bookmaking Craft for Toddlers

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We did this bookmaking craft with 2 year olds and they really enjoyed it. My son got to do it on his own the night before and he had such a great time. The craft was also a big hit with our playgroup, and we are looking forward to doing it again. It didn't cost too much and you get this awesome keepsake out of it.

What you need: (links are for what I purchased on Amazon)

The Chip Board is 6x6" pre-cut, with white on one side and kraft on the other. It takes paint, marker, crayon, anything! It comes in a 25 pack.

You just punch a couple holes in the chipboard with your Heavy Duty Hole Puncher and let your kid go to town, doing art on the pages, one at a time. The hole punch will be the priciest purchase for this craft, but that is what will punch through these board book pages. They will even punch through tin! I'm pretty sure I will get more use out of these.

Then, when they are finished creating the book, you attach the pages with the Book Binding Rings.

I loved these large letter stickers that I found in Michael's on sale! They really helped personalize these books.

We did a handprint page... (I used acrylic paint for this and washed it right off. We also did this on the cover but the paint just smooshed around on the cover. This was the page MOMMY really wanted, so I'm happy :)

This one was done with markers first and then washable paint. Cool effect!

This page is my favorite. I helped him match the owls to the cool paint colors he chose.

These puffy stickers were all from Dollar Tree. I want more!

Favorite page another way...

This was a super fun craft for toddlers but it would be great for all ages, even babies! There are endless possibilities for what you can do with some art supplies and a few bookmaking materials.


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