Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fashion Week Toddler Craft or Funky Valentines Day

I really had no idea what kind of craft we were doing... it was a little after Valentine's day, so I drew a heart with regular while glue (Elmers). I filled it in pretty well so there was enough glue to stick to pom poms, then I let the little guy go to town. It started looking tres chic like a multi-colored faux fur on black cardstock and it was FASHION WEEK in NYC. 

It's a Fashion Week craft, kids.

The sparkly pom poms look dazzling in the sunlight!

Because he is a little dude, he put on some of the pom poms, then he made me finish it and still took all the credit. So he's probably not going to be my Fashion Week buddy next year, but I'm sure the little girls will totally love this!

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  1. This is really cute. This reminds me of Aunt Peaches.


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