Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Money for Mushrooms? I'm on It

I just had mushrooms for dinner, tonight... this is a perfect opportunity for me! The above is my dinner of pasta, mushrooms, vegetarian sausage, onions, zucchini, squash, sauteed in olive oil and spices. It was pretty yum.

As a blogger interested in making money, I would love to make $500. That is virtually unheard of in my blogosphere.

It is an amazing opportunity to do a mushroom diet and blog about it. It seems like quite a challenge and I'm seriously interested.

Oh and bloggers, here's the info you need to go for it too:
The Mushroom Council is partnering with Mamavation to administer a 30 Day Weight Loss campaign with mushrooms! Bloggers will be paid to go through this boot camp and share about it on their platforms. Bloggers will also receive the professional support of a Dietitian and Personal Trainer to get through the 30 days. And the idea is if you swap mushrooms for other lean proteins OR blend them together, you will lose weight when that is paired with exercise. We agree. The last date to apply is TOMORROW! 
Would you like to lose some weight and start feeling great?Read more details on the campaign and apply for it here.
Maybe because I've been doing a lot of research on nutrition, lately, that I feel that this is the right opportunity for me. I really do love mushrooms (and don't care for meat, so this is seriously perfect) plus I need to get in shape. Wish me luck!

I had to tweet and Facebook to apply to prove my social media prowess, so I would love it you would like, comment, or share my links to help my chances of landing this gig!  

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