Thursday, February 27, 2014

Vegan Daiya Broccoli Grilled Cheese

We just had these yummy vegan Daiya cheese grilled cheeses with fresh chopped broccoli inside. This is my first time using Daiya cheese, but I've been really making a conscious effort, lately, to take more of the dairy and cheese out of our diet. It is important to me to try to avoid hurting animals, which is the main reason among many why I'm a vegetarian.

Which brought me to the question...
What do vegans do when they have a grilled cheese craving? Apparently eat Daiya cheese! Vegan Daiya cheddar slices are melted to perfection to create this delicious Vegan Daiya Broccoli Grilled Cheese that even my husband (pickiest person on the planet I think) liked. The flavor is slightly off what you think cheese should taste like, but the melt and flavor is far superior to any other vegan cheese that I've tried. This has kept regular dairy cheeses on a pretty good rotation in our kitchen.

Although you don't specifically have to kill an animal to attain the dairy products, I am facing the fact that most dairy products have the side effect of killing birds and animals, or at the very least confining them to horrible lives of physical and emotional abuse. I'm not going to get too into that, because there is PETA and other orgs for that. I've watched the videos and done my due diligence already, so onward to the solution, which means gooooood foooood for lunch today!!!

What you need:
Good bread (I chose marbled rye)
Daiya Cheddar Slices
Chopped broccoli
vegan butter or spread

What you do:
1. Butter your vegan bread on one side with your vegan butter.
2. Place on low medium grill. I like my cast iron skillet.
3. place 1.5 or so slices of Daiya cheese to cover your bread.
4. Place 2+ spoonfuls of chopped broccoli on the cheese.
5. Use any remaining cheese or an extra slice (I used 2 slices on my sandwich - total) to top the broccoli and sort of seal in the broccoli into the sandwich.
6. Add your 2nd slice of cheese and flip your sandwich once the bottom is grilled to your liking. Be careful your grill is not too hot and once your cheese is looking melty, it should be safe to flip.

Grill to perfection and serve!

* I was not paid by anyone or given anything for this post. Just hungry... and happy!


  1. Yum! I love grilled cheese but it is good to know there is a yummy alternative if i want to switch it up!(:


Thanks for the comment!

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