Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rice Sensory Play for Toddlers

We are stuck at home without a car. Again. Good news is, we are planning on getting another car. Bad news - we are going to wait a few more weeks to figure out what car, how much we have to spend,#iwantaminivan #hewantsascooter blah blah blah. We saved a lot of money only having one car for the last 3 years! We were all good and fine with one car when my husband was working from home, in another state or country, or with rental car paid by his job but lately he has needed and/or wanted to go into the office to work leaving me and the tot stuck at home.

That means Mommy is on Pinterest looking for things this little guy can do besides climbing me like a flabby jungle gym or peeling his crayons.

Here's the board I'm pinning to: Toddler Activities

We bravely decided to try a rice construction site. Although he has been occupied for at least 20 minutes, now, which is amazing in and of itself, I am fully expecting to be sucking up rice in my Dyson in a little bit... 

...and with that, he is back climbing on me...

I used this low round tupperware container. 

I like that I can put the lid on now that he is done playing with it and I may not have to use my Dyson after all!

He really enjoyed using the construction vehicles and measuring cups in it.

I got the trucks in Dollar Tree. 

He actually gave this 20 full minutes of toddler undivided attention!

I may try this in a larger bin with more rice next time... stay tuned.

*Update - we added some LEGO toys to it and 
he is back at it!

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