Sunday, March 30, 2014

San Elijo Lagoon Spring Egg-ucation Event 2014

We started out the morning at the Farmers Market, yesterday, and bought this beautiful carton of colorful local eggs. My little guy wanted to touch and hold each one. It was like Easter! It was also the perfect day to go to visit San Elijo Lagoon for their Spring Egg-ucation Event 2014. Someone who likes eggs this much deserves to learn all about them!

We had never been to this beautiful lagoon, nor had we visited the nature center, before, but this event is FREE and educational, so it was a perfect thing to do with the family on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

We were treated to an Eco-Vivarium reptiles display, right when we got there!

We got to touch a spiny lizard, snakes, a moniter lizard, and learn all about each creature.

This is a California King Snake. 

This was some type of "dragon" to get your picture taken with.

We explored the interior of the nature center, too, which had more snakes and animal displays.

Daddy read that pesticides are NOT good for the environment, but he already knows this! We wish everyone knew this...

We don't use pesticides or fertilizer that isn't all natural and organic!

I love that they note that dog waste is harmful. Many people still don't pick up after their dogs, especially when they think they don't have to because nobody is looking. I don't know who picks up after their horses, in the field, though. You would need quite a big baggie for that.

Outside, they have this awesome water table that shows how water runs from a source, all through the terrain.

Little ones can start the water by themselves!

This educational water table was a big hit!

The nature center is beautiful!

One the event trail, we got to make a little bag, for carrying treats. We learned about the life cycle of ladybugs, preying mantises, and butterflies, and received a small box of ladybugs to take home. We also learned about fish and crabs in the lagoon, different birds and their eggs, and reptiles, too. You don't always think of all these things when you think of eggs!

The little guy got to pretend he was a baby bird in a giant nest, got temporary tattoos, toys and candy.

Then, we finished off with a walk on their egg trail, where we picked 5 eggs and got lots of candy.

We also got to do some crafts on the roof of the building, which were a lot of fun, and we visited their resident Desert Tortoise.

When we got home, we released our ladybugs near our kale patch, where the aphids like to live. Ladybugs eat aphids, so hopefully they are very happy, here.

For more information on the San Elijo Lagoon Spring Egg-ucation Event 2014, visit their website! The event runs from 1-4, today, March 30th too!

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