Monday, March 31, 2014

Make Money - $15 from Ebates from Referring Friends

Have you guys signed up for yet? It is a free service that gives you cash back on your online purchases if you use their links. I get all my discounts and coupon codes for Victoria's Secret, Old Navy, Walmart, Target etc. on there. I don't always remember to do this, but I'm happy when I do!

I got $57 back from them for my shopping last year!

 It is free to become a member, you just sign-up here.

Then, when your friend signs up, and makes a purchase of $25, you make $15:

Right now, you can make $15 by getting 1 person to sign up (just one person, your mom, your bff, or your blog reader... anyone!)

Get your referral link to share with your friend(s). They must make a purchase of $25 at any store they wish (Old Navy, Walmart, Target, etc.) through an Ebates link.

You can make $5 for everyone else that signs up, but you will receive $15 first person that signs up from your link.

They also show you all the coupon codes out there, so you can see it all in once place rather than having to visit another coupon code site, too.

I explain how Ebates works more in-depth here.

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