Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Veggie Party Bunny Platter

It's bunny time again! Made this little guy for a playgroup Easter egg hunt today! This is the second time I've done this, so see my other tutorial for more info and ideas!

Basically, I make the rabbit out of 2-3 heads of cauliflower. I find a "face" in one of the heads by observing the natural composition of the cauliflower.

Then I tack down one head to my glued styrofoam with round toothpicks on my plastic divided tray.

I just braced this one with the toothpicks. You can actually use a skewer to got through the stem to make it even more stable. I didn't have to travel far with this, so I didn't put any extra reinforcements, but if you have to a drive with this, make sure it is very secure.

Then I figure out how my "head" fits on my "body" and place a bunch of toothpicks to ensure that they will bite into the bulk of the cauliflower. This is where the most strategy is used to make this really secure and sturdy.

There's the face!

Side view.

Then I usually lay a bed of curly kale (2 bunches). This makes it easier to fill in the open parts of the bunny body. I use florets of cauliflower to fill in the front of the body under the face. I really just rest them on the kale, rather than using toothpicks or anything and it works fine. This way you are not dealing with too many toothpicks stuck in food.

Then I started placing my lovely lavender and yellow cauliflower in little piles so they can be picked up and eaten! I like them in smaller pieces and sitting so that you can see to grab a piece.

My ears are made out of 1/4 cucumber each. I figure out where I want to place the ears and use toothpicks to secure them. I used 3 for each ear and made sure I used a strategy for each so the toothpicks really bit into the part of the cucumber closer to the skin. Poking into your seeds will not work. Take your time, figuring out exactly where the toothpicks should go and don't redo it too many times or it will not be secure enough to move around.

He is started to come together!

I used jalapeno olives for eyes and nose with toothpicks to secure.

I really had some fun with my carrots, too, cutting them them really long and skinny. Let me just say that I HATE baby carrots or thick cut carrots. I don't like crunching into something so THICK. I like to nibble my way through a carrot stick. Like a bunny. Plus it makes it easier to poke them in and people can grab a stick without touching every other carrot stick around it in the process.

Make a nice dip and you are ready to wow everyone at your Easter party!!!


  1. I love this! Thank you for showing us how you made the bunny.

  2. This is something to think about for easter. So many great ideas on there. Thanks for the information.

  3. This is so creative. The bunny is sitting in a patch of pretty flowers. Love it and pinned it too.
    floridagld (at) yahoo (dot) com


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