Friday, April 11, 2014

Quinoa, Sweet Potato, Kale, and Green Lentils

So, FYI, you don't need to Pin this post, unless you like the horrible lighting, blurry out-of-focus, sloppy presentation and you feel like you want to remember to try to make this for yourself, except make it actually look delicious... My husband was out of town when this picture happened, ok?! He is usually my food presentation guy. Plus he distracts the toddler when I'm taking the picture. 

BUT IT WAS GOOOOOOOD!!!! Really good! This is more of the kale and onion from my CSA box. I steamed the kale, and sauteed a little onion. 

I mixed the kale and onion up with my favorite, no-wash, organic Quinoa from Costco, roasted sweet potatoes, Eden Organic green lentils and my toddler and I had fun spicing up our own dishes to our liking. Funny how his liking is starting to resemble my liking... Garam Masala, cracked pepper, chili pepper, curry powder, we went the kind of crazy we go when Daddy is out of town. Like the way this is going with the kid. He'll be drinking the Tabasco in no time...

Sometimes I like to add vegan italian sausage and/or homemade vegan gravy to this dish to really turn it into a hearty and savory dish, but it is so simple and clean without those items, too. 

So at some point, I will try to really update this recipe with every little detail, and turn this picture of my perfectly roasted sweet potato, but for now, it is just another fun vegan dish that is so easy to recreate on your own that you will probably not even need it.

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  1. This looks really good. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us!


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