Friday, April 11, 2014

Legoland Date with the Toddler

I love going places with the little guy, just the two of us. We took a little tromp through LEGOLAND together, doing the stuff that only we like to do and avoiding lines and crowds. 

We took our time looking at everything in the LEGO Movie Experience. It is there through December. I think they can take it away, now. We have it memorized. 

Then we watched the Chima 4D movie, which was pretty cool. Holding 3D glasses on a toddler's head is a chore, but sitting inside in the AC for a few is worth it. 

Even though it was pretty crowded in Pirate Shores, the little kid play area was not!

I was stoked to see this sign in the Knight's Table. I just wanted to peek in to see if anything was new and it was nice to see that they were serving humanely raised free-range chicken! Go LEGOLAND!!! Now they just need some fun vegan "fast food" there to round it out...*hint*

Aaaah Miniland...

Miniland is a great place to just watch the LEGO cars, trucks, and boats move around. My toddler loves it there. It isn't looking all that bad, considering all that old LEGO sitting out there baking in the California sun. It looked pretty clean, cute, and things were moving and working! This is great news for an old Model Builder like me. Dirty, broken Miniland makes me sad :(

This picture said, "I need a haircut." I gave him the haircut and now I miss all that blond hair. Don't worry, I didn't go too short. Never do, but I DIY the haircut and dare I say, I'm getting better at it? I guess it is better than saying it isn't a horrible haircut... You be the judge:

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