Friday, April 4, 2014

Farm Fresh to You Organic Food CSA Review and $10 Coupon Promo Code

We just tried out another food CSA today. It is Farm Fresh to You and if you are in the awesome state of California, chances are they will deliver you a very pretty box full of fruit and/or veggies to your doorstep or office. The organic food is delivered directly from the farm on a delivery schedule and you can choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery.

This is what I got this week from Farm Fresh to You

Our Farm Fresh To You CSA box retailed at $31.50 and everything in the pic above got delivered to the door. The fruit and veggies were packaged carefully in a cute and colorful box.

Everything was super fresh and in near pristine condition. The asparagus and mushrooms were delish! My husband loves mushrooms and I usually forget to buy them so I knew he would be stoked! Here are two things he made with this food here and here.

I got a deal from Groupon, and you can also get $10 off with my promo code

 and enter: KRIS3728 when you check out

Do you we think it is worth the price? I am happy we don't have to leave the house for fresh food for a few more days, but would like it much better if it was like, a little less money, of course. 

Daddy on the Dollar did the math and was like "no way, go to the Farmer's Market!" but I talked him into leaving it set at monthly and changing some of the likes and dislikes on our account so they won't send us any more green apples or a couple other things we grow ourselves or get a great deal on locally. 

I get a case of organic ones from Costco. I get it. We still need to stay focused on saving money, too, right?!

Or we can focus on this gratuitous toddler jammy shot...

and remember that we didn't have to get out of our jammies, get in our car, use gas ($5+ right there), pollute our air a little more, buy crap we don't need ($$$), when a CSA delivery truck is probably going to be passing by our neighborhood on his normal route, anyway... 

There are so many different fruits and veggies on their site that I'm looking forward to trying new ones and ones we don't normally think to buy. They also have recipes, tips, a blog and resources for the all different foods they provide.

This could really be a win win any way you look at it!

*I did not receive any compensation for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own, but if you use my links, I may receive a commission.

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