Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stagecoach Trails RV Park with a Toddler

We had the luxury of visiting Stagecoach Trails RV and camping site on our maiden voyage with the American Clipper. Of course we had a Groupon, so it was half price, and it is springtime, which translates as "pretty hot" in the desert. If springtime is hot for you, you DO NOT want to visit here in the summer. If you don't like the cold, winter nights can be brutal, here. But in the springtime, it is beautiful.

I would consider Stagecoach Trails a 5 star RV resort because it has all the hookups and amenities but remember, it is quite seasonal, especially if you are tent camping.

The trails are all super easy which is great for toddlers, and they allow horses and dogs here! They have brand new, beautiful facilities for events or activities, here, like basketball, volleyball courts, and horseshoes. You can even arrange to stay in cute little stagecoach cabins. I might just pull my city folk family out to check out their Telescope pad.

What a beautiful view!

It is very relaxing to watch the sun go down over the hills. 

Mr. Moth burrowed into our paper towels in the RV. Good thing we had a bug catcher with us and we were able to return him to his natural habitat. We found another pair, later on, in a paper towel my husband had been using by the hookups of the RV and we stashed them in a tree together. We aren't usually paper towel kind of people, but before we know what we really need in the RV, it was good to have them on hand. It reminded us how we need to find a better way to use cloth towels and not waste when we hit the road.

Here is the basketball court getting ready for an event. It doesn't even look like it has been used, yet, but I would check to make sure they are not booked when you plan to be there if you plan on playing ball.

Beautiful event facilities are coming together, though. There is an adobe main building, which I'm sure is where you would enter for any party, on the other side of this, with beautiful handmade doors and pretty landscaping.

They are irrigating tons of beautiful landscaping around the area and it looks like they are almost ready to have a party!

Check in at the Trail Store!

I really liked our site!

There are some cool props on the grounds.

Here are the covered wagons you can rent to sleep in. They are great for a small group!

These are cute too.

We visited during the week and the campground was very quiet.

We are going to try to come back soon!

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