Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Healthy Vegan RV Camp Pasta and Vegs

So the afternoon started out with chopping and cleaning two boxes of delicious organic mini sweet peppers I got from my local Ralphs store. The Ralphs on College and Oceanside Blvd. is where it is AT these days. It ain't Whole Foods, but they have the best organic produce around me and I'm actually pretty impressed with their selection of organic veggies.

We were in the desert, and it was a little too hot to hike with a 2 year old. We had spent the morning in town and I had some time to kill before dinner, so I prepped a ton of veggies to cook on metal skewers over an open fire.

Sadly, it was much too windy at the campsite to make a fire, but we had not gotten our appliances working in our rv, yet. Hubby thinks he needs new propane. Give us a break, we just got it a few weeks ago... What do we know?!

Luckily, hubby set up the camp stove indoors with all the windows open, of course, and we cooked everything quickly and efficiently in our wind free zone.

We sauteed all the sweet peppers, a small onion, and 2 small zucchinis. Then we added a jar of red sauce. We boiled some organic whole wheat pasta and tossed in a few big leaves of curly green kale. Why did we put the kale in with the pasta? Because it was the only place that big bowl of kale would fit. It cooks down quite a bit and soaks up all the sauce, anyway.

You drain your kale and pasta, then dump your simmering sauce and veggies into it then spice it up with any and every spice you have in your RV. It becomes a deliciously healthy, hearty, vegan camp dish.

What you need:
(all organic if you can)
Small, sweet peppers
2 small zucchini
2-4 big leaves curly kale
small onion

What you do:
Saute all the sweet peppers, a small onion, and 2 small zucchinis in a small frying pan or grill them over an open flame. Then add the jar of red sauce and simmer in a pot or pan.

Boil the organic whole wheat pasta and toss in chopped up curly green kale when the pasta is almost done.

Bon appetit, campers!

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