Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vegan Power Bowl

Tonight, we combined red Quinoa, Curly Kale, carrots, roasted potatoes, vegan sausage, and Mom's recipe home made vegan gravy for a POWER bowl! I will update with Mom's recipe for gravy, soon. I just had to share this beautiful, hearty, and yummy dish.

What gave me power:
red quinoa
curly kale
roasted potatoes, seasoned to taste
vegan sausage

The red quinoa is from Costco. It is organic (as is almost everything in this meal) but you have to sort and wash it. Costco has another quinoa that states that you don't have to wash it. I hate washing, so I made a double batch and just powered through it. The sausage is from Trader Joe's.

There is a huge mound of quinoa in the center of this food pile. It doesn't really look like it in the pictures, but this is not really a salad. My hubby spiced up the gravy and roasted the potatoes and the carrots. I cooked the quinoa and steamed the kale on the stove top. I love that quinoa only takes 15 minutes and it turns a salad into a power bowl.

This meal really did give me some power. I actually did my chores. Hubby and I alternate nights of putting the child to bed and doing chores, but some nights, we both understand that the chore doer can exercise their right to do nothing.

I pull the do nothing card once a week-ish but tonight, I did it all! I laundried, I dishwashered, I even folded and filed. Super Mom! Double Power Bowl eating reaching for seconds cleaning her plate and everyone else's plate too... Super Mom!!! I need a costume for this.

Yes, my power bowl really does work.

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