Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Win $2500 with a Blurb Book You Create About Your Favorite Person and PROMO Code

Have you ever made a Blurb book? I made one for my little boy's first year. He is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Right now, if you make a Blurb book about your favorite person, you could win $2500!

I need a 2nd year book. Maybe I should do it and enter! 

Right now, you can get a 30% discount on My Favorite books.
Use promo code: MYFAVORITE

Contest Info:
Did you know that Blurb might give you $2,500 to read about your favorite person? All you have to do is make a book about a loved one filled with all sorts of kind words, creativity and insight, and if selected, you could win the grand prize! For every book you make (there are seven different categories, so seven different chances to win) you will receive a 30% discount on the printed product. Go to Blurb to check out the details of the contest to see what the categories are and when the entries are due.

The 30% discount on My Favorite books will be applied at checkout when you use the promo code: MYFAVORITE. (And, even if you don't enter, you can still get 30% off on all My Favorite books or save 15% on all printed orders through April 30th!)

Not sure what to write about? 

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