Monday, April 14, 2014

Toddler Modern Art -- Painting Canvas with Kids

This kid has been really into painting, lately. He has created some beautiful works of modern art and it is just so simple to set him up that I thought I'd share!

I just give him a cheap canvas, which I buy in bulk, a paintbrush, a cup of water, some paper towels to blot the paintbrush and possibly a drop cloth or some newspaper to keep the paint off the table. Then I either use cut in half egg cartons as a palette and fill up with washable paint, or I use the small pallet strips.

He has so much fun working on these, and I get some cool art to hang up in a little gallery area in the house!

Here is the egg carton pallet.

Here is the neat little separated paint cups.

Painting may be a little messy but washable paint comes off of everything and it is much better than the toddler doing stuff like this...

...or this. 


  1. These are fun! Thank you for sharing with us.

  2. Children's artwork can really look amazing when hung on the wall, or framed nicely.

  3. That's a good idea with the egg carton! Never would have thought of that one! Looks like fun!


Thanks for the comment!

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