Monday, May 19, 2014

Attention Bloggers - Make Money with Reebok

Bloggers, if you want to make a little extra cash, and you like Reeboks, product line, join Reebok's Affiliate Program, and add links or banners to your site so you can earn a commission every time someone clicks and buys.

The BEST part: 
Watch for emails that offer a "Bonus" for posting. It is so easy, because most of the time the post is already written for you. You can copy and paste, then collect your cash!

I have been using Shareasale's ad network and it is safe to say this has become a small but stead income stream for me. I am of the philosophy that every little bit counts, and every now and then, they offer me $5 or $10 to post about a sale, a new product line, or put up a banner ad.

* I usually add my own wording to the post or re-write it entirely so my site isn't seen as spammy by anyone that matters.

** I can get $15 for every blogger that signs up, so thank you if you do!!! Then, you may pass it on to YOUR blogging friends and get commission on that, too. Let's face it. Us bloggers need to make money! All this typing our way to carpal tunnel should

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