Monday, May 19, 2014

Fisher-Price Drillin' Action Tool Set Review

We just got our Fisher-Price Drillin' Action Tool Set and it was a hit just like I knew it would be! I posted about it earlier this week because it was such a great deal on Amazon. I always track prices on all the hot little kid toys and this was on my list. When the price went down to 47% off I bought and gave it to my son as soon as it arrived with our sweet 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime.

The toy came with a battery powered drill, 2 drill bits, a hammer, a toolbox, 3 screws, 3 nails. I really only wanted the drill because my son is fascinated with Daddy's tools, but the set was a nice package. Great for a gift, and perfect to get your kid to start following your husband around while he is doing repairs or projects around the house on a weekend, instead of the child bugging Mom all day like he does the rest of the week.

The cool factor here is that the drill has both forward and reverse. It has a drill bit and a Phillips head bit. The Phillips head actually fits the head of the plastic screws and you can screw them in and back them out of the holes on the toolbox. We were all really impressed with this adorable working drill for ages 2 and up.

The downside of giving a drill to a 2 year old is that they will immediately imagine that it's a gun and chase the dog, a sibling, or you with it. Just a warning - be ready to threaten to take it away in the first few minutes. It took mere seconds for my toddler to tell me he was going to "shoot" the dog. 

However, I'm lucky, an idle threat still works on this kiddo. He's back to using it for the purpose for which is intended for now. Following Daddy around. Really, really good toy.


  1. (Fisher-Price Drillin' Action Tool Set Review) Oh my goodness, this would be so great to get my grandson for this up coming Christmas this year. His one great uncle and his grandfather are both real handy men so this would be a good gift for him.

  2. This looks like a nice birthday or Christmas gift, but only as long as you're sure you won't get sick of noises right away. But, I suppose, used responsibly, he could get better at using screws and not stripping them.


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