Sunday, May 18, 2014

Daiya Cheese Vegetarian Hot Wings

Ok, I know I post a lot of healthy food on my blog, and I try, try, try, to be vegan... but did you know that one of my guiltiest pleasures is hot wings? I don't really think it is the chicken. I really just love that fried texture they put on chicken and the buffalo sauce. Dip it in some blue cheese and I have it made, somewhat.

It has actually been at least a year or so, maybe three since I actually ate a real "wing".

Honestly, the actual "chicken" chicken part... bone, and even in boneless wings, the vein or whatever chompy chomp animal stuff I bite into grosses me out. I also hate bird abuse. 

I have fantasies about bringing my vegan "meat" to a wings place and getting them to dip it in a flax egg, their breading, and frying it, and saturating it in their beautiful buffalo sauce.

Unfortunately, these vegetarian buffalo wings have egg in them, so there is still bird abuse in my food. I am only ok with this because my hubby bought 4 packs of this stuff, so I am obliged to eat it.

To redeem myself, I put my Havarti style jalapeno Daiya cheese over my vegetarian hot wings and laid it all on a bed of Quinoa. 

Here are the pieces I cut for my "wings"

Moral of the story: I need to follow through with my vegan buffalo wings fantasy and I need the Daiya cheese on top. The "cheese" gave it that cool, creamy, flavor that I craved with the buffalo sauce. This meal was an easy, fast, meat-eater or veggie to vegan transitional dish.

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  1. Ok, so, those look AMAZING. And why didn't I think of using quinoa with spicy foods? Thanks!


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