Saturday, June 21, 2014

Kid Cousins Do Disneyland and Vegetarian Cheese Stick

The kid cousins got an awesome treat, this week - Disneyland and California Adventrue Park!!! To make it even MORE awesome? This gem of a vegetarian snack food that you can't get anywhere else - The Cheese Stick.

You see, this Cheese Stick is only found at Corn Dog Castle at the California Adventure Park and it was a hit!

 I stopped over because we were eating our way around the park (as usual but this time with the little guy's cousin for our annual family vacay) and I checked the menu, just to see their vegetarian offering. Cheese Stick. What is this cheese stick, I asked the girl. Like a corn dog but a stick of cheddar cheese. Damn I wish I wasn't vegan right now, but the kids are not, so here we go...

Yes, it is very special. If you have ever enjoyed a vegetarian or even a regualar Hot Dog on a Stick, if you have those near you, it is very much the same. The cheddar cheese is spiked on a wooden stick and is battered in a cornmeal mixture, and fried to perfection.

Serve and enjoy!

What we did at Disney:

It was another crowded day at the park, but we did the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, watched the parade, danced at DJ's Dance Party, ate a Vegetarian Gumbo in New Orleans Square, rode the Roger Rabbit ride, the tractor ride and Luigi's tire ride in Carsland, the ferris wheel, the midway games and I think that's it... Hey that's a LOT for a day trip, right?!

Dancing at the princess parade.

More dancin' with DJ...

But uh-oh! We could ate candy for dinner! We had to stop at Del Taco on the way home for quesadillas and french fries so we had a "meal" in our bellies. Don't worry, I brought fruit, Happy Family pouches and cut up veggies that we snacked on between all the treats at the parks, so I won't stress on the poor food choices here and there.

We are on vacation after all.

Hot tip for the locals: Coffee up the driver and wait until bedtime to drive home. Kids will  fall asleep and you can listen to whatever you like on the way home :)

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