Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Re-useable Dish Cloths

These are our re-usable dishcloths, cleaning cloths, hand cloths, dish rags, un-paper towels or whatever you want to call them. I buy the 18 pack in Walmart for $4. They last two years before some start unraveling. I wash them in the washing machine daily and punish them with chores. 

The cloths start out drying hands and washing dishes. Then they are demoted to dirtier and dirtier tasks until they are made to have a go round in the wash. I never need paper towels or sponges. Sweet!


  1. Great idea! Thank you for sharing with us how to save a tree or two! :)

  2. I use these all the time. I love them and I like all the pretty colors that they offer. Im sure everyone would like these. thanks

  3. Great way to help the environment and not use paper products!

  4. oh these are the best!!!! use them all the time and a great price! My family thinks im totally weird that i typically have one at the dinner table instead of a paper towel.


Thanks for the comment!

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