Monday, June 2, 2014

Today's To Do Was a Doozy

This is what happens when you get involved in eleven-teen  other projects and activities, over the weekend and you never once ask your kid to clean up. Cleaning really was the worst thing ever, today.

I paid the kid $1.50 in quarters and 10 stickers (which equals a Hot Wheels car) to clean up every last bit of it, but it took him most of the day, blowing me off, whining, complaining, making more of a mess, and procrastinating. Ultimately, though, he really did do most of it himself, and helped with a few other chores, too!

It may look like a lot, but I broke down all the cleaning into smaller chunks, and I try to make a special place for each type of toy, so it really jives with his need to organize. Don't doubt them! Even a 2 year old can organize.

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