Saturday, July 12, 2014

Knott's Berry Farm on a Friday in July

Hubby decided to take the day off and take us to Knott's Berry Farm, yesterday. We knew it would be HOT, but we are passholders, so we figured if it was too hot, we would either check out their Soak City Water Park or just have a little fun and head home.

First order of business, Chuckwagon Cheese Fries!

Chuckwagon Cheese Fries are a magical treat of thin cut french fries, covered in thousand island dressing, topped with cheese and onions. They are eaten with a fork and they are delicious! You can get them at the Calico Fry Co. just right of the entrance. We get them EVERY time we go.

A good daddy puts his boy in the shade while he waits patiently for his fries...

Even the little boy likes them, this time!

Then, when you only have a 2 year old in tow, you head straight over to Camp Snoopy. Little kids can go on SO MANY rides at Camp Snoopy. They may not be the amazing Disney-type rides but they are cute little rides that have very low height restrictions. They are all close together (you don't have to walk the entire park to do kiddie stuff) their lines are usually short during the week and they can even go on some rides by themselves at 36" and under!

Look closely, arms up!

Ready to go off-roading!

Only 32" tall gets you on a plane, but it is best to be a back seat passenger if you are too little to pull the lever that makes you fly, or you'll just stay grounded.

Coaster too fast! Not my kid screaming, but I think that it's my kids hand in the air. This is a fun little coaster he went on with Daddy...

This one has got to be one of my absolute FAVORITE rides for the little guys! Check out the video. It is just so cute and simple. He really is making it go all on his own...

We wrapped up the day with a delicious frozen lemonade that you can get right out the exit side of Camp Snoopy and then some arcades. (There's a little churro/cotton candy stand where you get the frozen lemonade.)

Since it was so hot, hot, hot, we decided to head home after this. As usual we had a great time at this park. I think it is such a charming and fun place to spend a day in Southern California. Only problem: we forgot to see Snoopy! The little guy reminded us when he woke up after the car ride home. Don't worry kiddo. We're passholders. We'll be back soon.

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