Saturday, July 12, 2014

More DIY Front Yard Patio Progress

I can't believe it! My husband went out for more landscape barrier with the little boy and came home and they worked even more on the front yard, today! It has been pretty hot out, here. I didn't think he would push this hard to get more work done, this weekend, but he put down so much more gravel and it is looking beautiful.

You can actually see our wimpy little olive tree next to our son in this photo. I hope this thing grows quickly!

I helped clean up and prune some of the plants in front the other day and it is really coming together.

You can see the only area that is left to cover is on to the right of the house. We purchased a few more large rocks that should help with erosion control because the grade goes a little higher over here.

I don't know if I LOVE all the plants we've put in or the places we've put them, but I feel like once we are done with all the WEEDS that used to cover the front yard, I can start seeing things in a different light and really start adjusting the layout to make it absolutely perfect.

The little bug just loves to help his daddy. I'm so proud of them!


  1. It looks great. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Coming on along nicely! Great work!

  3. Love the yard/garden! I love being in the garden so much and doing a little gardening with the little ones is great!! :)

    Petra V.


Thanks for the comment!

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