Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our First Prescription Dog Food Order from

After years of driving to the vet to pick up my doggy's prescription food, my mom convinced me to order from, where she has been ordering her dog food. 

My sweet Lulu was diagnosed with bladder stones 3 years ago and treated with food. YES, food!... Just a reminder to always get a second opinion, folks, especially when the first call is surgery!

My hesitation for ordering online in the past had been due to my misconception that I would have to do extra work to order prescription food. The little boy, the grandfolk, and I went out to the zoo last week and I had them stop at the vet on the way back so I could pick up dog food, because I was out. 

My mom took that opportunity to price check on with her phone and we found the case price to be a few dollars cheaper. When I got home, I did a little more research and realized that Chewy offered free shipping and 20% off the first order. 20% off is usually my "stock up threshold." 

The coolest part is that they actually call the vet for you to obtain prescription approval. I bought 4 cases and they arrived safely and soundly in their bright blue boxes just under a week later.

Highly recommended!

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