Tuesday, August 5, 2014

EASY Vegan Spelt Flour Pancakes

I've been on a pancake tear all week. It started out with a pancake recipe that my husband decided was inedible. The kid and I liked it, but hubby couldn't do it. I am always up for new recipes, and not really organized with the old ones, but I needed to hone in on a really simple and universally liked pancake.

It didn't get better right away. Sunday was a rough one. Hubby had left town on a business trip, I've been a little under the weather, and I scrolled through Pinterest feverishly as my 2 year old harassed me for something to eat. I put Dora the Explorer on the Roku, but as soon as I got cookin' he was digging through the fridge, hassling me some more. I literally could not get him out of my hair and needed to more than ever as I tried to make a flax egg.

Flax egg. It is supposed to resemble a real egg in consistency, but mine did not. 2 year old now crying and yelling at me. More research on flax egg. Flax could be rancid?! Finding out I'm doing it ALL WRONG. Me yelling back at 2 year old to just give Mommy a break for 2 minutes! What about DORA?! Dora is "terrible"?! 

FORGET flax egg. Just forget it! Tears starting to come from Momma. Man I need to pull it together and just make the dang pancakes without the flax egg and just load them up with syrup and get it over with.

Then a magical thing happened. A very lovely vegan pancake came off my cast iron skillet. 3 days later we have had these pancakes with white flour, half Spelt/half white, with strawberries, with peaches in the pancakes and peaches on top of them, with dinner, hot, cold, for a snack, and with the dog. 

Now there are many ways to complicate these pancakes. You can add different fruit, you can turn the milk into "butttermilk" with some apple cider vinegar, add finely chopped nuts or seeds. If you have mastered the flax egg, go for it, but why not start with a very simple recipe and take it from there. The only thing that "complicates" this recipe is I did half Spelt flour. I love the nuttiness of the Spelt and it has a little more protein and iron than the white.


2 cups non-dairy milk (I use soy)
4 tablespoons coconut oil or vegetable oil (plus some for your pan)
1 cup white all purpose flour
1 cup spelt flour (or sub with white, wheat...)
4 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
4 tablespoons sugar

Yield 8-10 medium pancakes.


In one bowl, mix your dry ingredients.

If coconut oil is used, warm it up in the microwave to turn it into liquid if it is not in a liquid state.

Dig a hole in the middle of your dry mixture and pour your milk into the center. 

Combine wet and dry ingredients by mixing the dry slowly into the wet. DO NOT over-mix. Do not worry too much about lumps. Over-mixing will result in a less fluffy pancake.

Once fully mixed, add in your liquified coconut oil.

Set your mixture aside and heat your skillet to low-medium. Coat your pan in a little coconut oil and pour your pancake on. Once bubbles form, it should be ready to flip. The correct temp pan will produce a golden brown pancake.

Here is me starting to mix.

My pancake is just about ready to flip.

I may not be winning any awards for pancake shaping, just yet, but the white peaches made every bite absolutely succulent, so who cares?!

So I worked on my shapes after the little guy and I fed our faces with amoeba-shaped pancakes.

Then I went for the "Pinterest Pancake Stack".

My photos skills could probably still use some work, but one thing at a time around here...

Plus it took me so darn long to make this stack of pancakes that I lost my beautiful morning light and got some weird shadow.

But who cares because we have MORE PANCAKES!

We have been eating our way through this stack all morning...

We didn't even bother with the vegan buttery spread, and just a little organic maple syrup went on top.

I'm glad I didn't give up on the pancakes the other day. Expect to see a few more pancake recipes from me coming soon. I still have a bunch of tricks up my sleeve...

They are just so yummy and I am getting excited to make them a little healthier, so I'll probably ruin a few more before I post some winners.

Back to the stack. We have a few more pancakes to eat, today.


  1. i see new things to try every day. this is definitely one of them

  2. these sound great!I love experimenting with new ingredients.


Thanks for the comment!

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