Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Easy Water Recycling and Food Waste To Fertilizer

I thought I'd take a sec to show how we are recycling our water and food waste around here, especially when we are experiencing a severe drought in Southern California. When we wash our vegetables or warm the shower, I catch the water in emptied kitty litter jugs with a funnel and use the water on our thirstier plants and vegetables. 

You could use a bucket or another type of container to do this. The key is to make sure you only fill it up to what you can carry.

As I've explained before, on the blog, we don't currently use any other irrigation on the property. When we wash veggies, I rinse or soak them in a bowl or basin and simply pour the water in the funnel, into the green jug, and shuttle it outside as it fills up. I was actually pretty surprised at how much clean water we saved!

When I catch the cold water as I'm waiting for it to get warm in the shower, we have a handheld shower massage that I rest on the jug and stabilize with a wet cloth.You may have to improvise to make it work for you.

We also use a worm bin to recycle all of our vegan food waste and we are finally getting some really great fertilizer out of it! I'm moving them from the left to the right bin so I can have some dirt to use in my garden by putting a lot of the fresh stuff towards the middle.

Here is one of my guys! There are a ton of them in there.

Here is what my bin looks like in case you are wondering. I keep it under the pine trees so it is in the shade in the back.

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