Sunday, August 24, 2014

Snoopy Cupcake and Fossil Souvenirs at Knott's Berry Farm

We decided to get a little more use out of our Knott's Berry Farm passes and we found a few more "treasures" there this weekend! Every time we go to Knott's I swear I will get pie, but by the time we get through the park with all the eating and drinking, I never have room. This time, I saved enough room to go to the Knott's Berry Farm Bakery, which is outside the park gates in their California Marketplace area, and get a slice of their famous Boysenberry Pie. 

We also found that they sell adorable Snoopy cupcakes at the bakery!

The key with the pie is to walk back over to the Dreyer's Ice Cream shop, which is also outside of the park gates, and get some ice cream to put on top. It makes the yummy pie absolutely delish!

While we were in the park, we stopped into the Geode shop. Our son is very interested in anything science related, and we had never been in there. There were so many interesting rocks, gemstones, and fossils in this shop, even dinosaur bones. Everything is for sale, and some pieces were very reasonably priced for things that were millions of years old.

I showed the little guy some trilobites and other fossils that were small and under $20. Although he was intrigued by some ammonite fossils, he chose a trilobite and was literally jumping up and down and shaking as the girl opened the case and handed the little box to him. Some kids want toys... my son wants a 502 million year old trilobite fossil. We will be visiting this store, again, I'm sure.

Although we didn't try it, this time, (remember, saving room!) I did notice that Strictly on a Stick, sells fried cheese on a stick. We may have to sample this on our next time around.

Of course, we spent plenty of time in Camp Snoopy and he went on the super cute Big Rig ride with Dad. This ride is so cute and makes the little guy so happy!

It was another fun day at Knott's! I'm glad we bought the passes for this park because it is giving us the chance to enjoy everything it has to offer through leisurely visits whenever we like and they were so inexpensive! Plus, under 3 is free, like most theme parks, so we're enjoying that while it lasts. 

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