Monday, September 15, 2014

Daveliou 24 Piece Paintbrush Set Review

* I received these paintbrushes in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. If you buy using one of my links, I may receive a small commission.

I just got the opportunity to review the Daveliou 24 Piece Artist Brush Sets in Roll-up Holder. If you are looking for a great quality artist paintbrush set, with an assortment of different brushes that is an excellent value, then check this out!

I received the brush set from Amazon and it was packed in a long, slim, cardboard box from the manufacturer, which protected a plastic tube, which housed a rolled up bundle of brushes.

I found the careful packaging kept every brush hair in perfect condition as I unrolled the collection inside the well-made canvas case.

Inside the brush case, I found an assortment of sizes of paintbrushes on nice long wooden handles. There are round brushes, flat ones, some angles, and fans in small and medium sizes.

The hairs are a variety of bristle, camel, nylon, and pony brushes, each meant for a different  media. There are brushes which can be used for tempera, watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints.

The canvas case is a nice weight and has a flap that covers and closes with two hook and loop closure.

Then it rolls up and ties closed to make it easy to store the brushes and take them wherever you like.

Not only is the Daveliou Brush Set an attractive presentation, perfect for an artist that likes to dabble in different media, but it is great for a beginner or a student.

It looks like the type of brush set that you could take to the beach or the countryside, to paint "en plein air" as they did during the Impressionist period in France, or to carry out into your backyard, with a canvas and a few tubes of paint in one hand, and this roll of brushes in the other.

When I got down to actually testing out the brushes I did a quick check through the group to feel if the bristles were crimped well inside the handles and wouldn't simply pull out between my fingers. I was pleased with the brushes' ability to hold the hairs in place.

Then I decided to test out my favorites - the white nylon. I just have to say that I LOVE white nylon brushes with my acrylic paint, and these were no exception.

I had been wanted to do a cute little Halloween project for a spot in our kitchen where a 4th of July theme square was hung.

I laid down some paint with my first flat nylon brush and got that warm fuzzy feeling inside when creamy paint glides smoothly from a slick paintbrush onto a stretched and prepared canvas.

The paintbrush worked flawlessly. After completing my background color, I painted each of my my family's thumbs with a curved pony hair brush. (Yes we got crafty. This is a nice set for a crafter too!) We each did a thumbprint on the canvas.

Then I pulled out the smallest round nylon brush and gave each thumbprint spider legs and eyeballs.

The small brush carries the paint nicely to do a perfect line. I find the brush sizes in this set are well suited for small to medium, detailed artwork and am happy with what is included.

After doing all the final details of my commemorative little Halloween artwork, I cleaned the brushes up with soap and water, let them dry, and replaced them in their case. They all still looked very nice and ready for the next project.

I would definitely purchase this set for myself, or as a gift. It is a wonderful quality and presentation for the very reasonable price.

It would make a well-received gift on its own, or in a gift basket or collaboration with a few canvases, and a small set of any type, or multiple collections of different paint. That's my idea. Go ahead and use it if you like.

Happy painting!


  1. I love those paintbrushes! Those are so cool and I'm so envious you can paint well too :) That's one skill I would love to improve!

  2. Now that's a cool set. Easy to keep track of and doesn't take up too much space!

  3. This looks like such a good collection. We could really use this at our house

  4. My daughter would love these. She is becoming quite the little artist, loving photography like mommy and painting like Abuelita. <3 Thanks for the great review.


Thanks for the comment!

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