Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You've Been BOOed and 20% Off Coupon Code

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BuyCostumes Halloween Costumes

Are you familiar with "BOOing" someone? It is when you leave a surprise for somebody anonymously before Halloween. I haven't been "BOOed" yet, but I really want to BOO someone!

Well, you've just been "BOO-ed" by BuyCostumes! 

The latest chain reaction game sweeping this Halloween season has just hit your screen with a super discount - 20% off EVERYTHING at BuyCostumes when you use coupon code: AFCBOO20!

Now for the fun part... you get to go "BOO" your friends! Take this BuyCostumes offer and share it on their Facebook pages, pin it alongside their favorite Halloween pics, insert it into their Instagram feed, spread this "boo-tiful" offer everywhere!

Don't wait to share this offer - it expires 10/23. We wouldn't want you and your friends to miss out on the spooktacular savings!

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  1. This is perfect! We still need a costume!


Thanks for the comment!

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