Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Little Viral Video Fun from

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I had a little fun this morning watching viral videos on I started out just looking at videos that seemed interesting or remarkable. Then I just found some that gave me some good laughs.

I thought this video with a dog playing hide and seek with a little girl was so clever! If you listen carefully, it sounds like the mom tells the dog to find the cheese. I think she gives the little girl cheese to help the dog find her. I really need to try this with our doggie and our little guy. He LOVEs hide and seek... and our dog loves cheese!

This video kind of blew my mind... I couldn't believe a child this young could actually play a tune like this! Believe me, I've tried with my almost 3 year old. It is not happening. I'd be willing to bet this is our first look at a prodigy in the making...

Now, for the funny part - I hate laughing at the expense of kids... ok, no I don't, as long as nobody gets hurt, and in this case everyone will be just fine, I hope. The oldest kid in the back seat's reaction to his parents revealing that Mom is having twins is priceless!

It is ok to laugh at kittens, too, as long as nobody gets hurt. Who doesn't love kittens?! These kittens are so cute, but cuteness aside, this video is pretty hilarious.

It's hard to stop watching funny videos once you get laughing. I thought this next one was just going to be another stupid prank video at first, but then prank videos can bring on the tears - sometimes the painful kind, but I prefer the laughing kind.
I had a really good laugh at the end of this one and had to wipe a few tears out of my eyes. This is a perfect one for Halloween, too. A little fishing line, some behind the scenes trickery, and let the paranormal activity begin!!!

I love treating myself to a little video watching time. Hopefully you enjoyed some of these viral videos as much as I did! There are a lot more what they came from on Rumble which is a simple, easily searchable place to entertain yourself at your leisure, find some cool stuff to blow your mind, or just laugh until you cry.

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  1. Aw thanks for compiling and sharing! I am always out of the loop with viral videos so this helped me catch up! The Hide N seek one was so cute!


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