Friday, October 17, 2014

Mommy n Me San Diego Zoo Tour and Insects and Petting Zoo Time

I know I've posted about the great program they have for groups at the San Diego Zoo. I just thought I'd share a couple photos from our tour, today, and another little known area that we like to frequent when we go down there...

Today, we went on a guided tour that started out on a bus. The theme was Trunks and Tails and we learned about different animals that have these features and what their purposes are. Of course my little guy's favorite fact was that hippos use their tails to spread poo around. He had to talk about all the animals' poo after this. After learning about the elephants, and that all of them were basically in "retirement" at the zoo, from a show called "Born Free" or the circus or other zoos, while the breeding ones got to hang around the Safari Park, we boarded our bus and heading back to the front.

If that wasn't enough of a gross out factor, we spent time in the very small Insect House that is hidden away at the far end of the Children's Zoo. They must have put all these creepy crawlies in there because little kids seem fascinated by them, well at least my kid is.

He seriously could spend an hour in there looking at cockroaches, stick bugs, spiders, Assassin Bugs, etc.

In fact, I think when we are not with friends, one of these days, I'm going to let him stay in there for as long as he likes, just to see how long it takes before he asks to leave. He is always the last kid of his friends in there and I'm not sure if it is the childrens' choice to leave or their moms. I'm putting money on the latter.

Either way, I don't mind insects. I might be a little freaked out if one of these creatures walked on me - or a lot freaked out, but I was brought up with respect for life and that is how I'm raising this little dude, so we appreciate these guys.

We also appreciated the animals that let us pet them in the petting zoo area, which is always fun.

The best treat of all was getting some bunny petting time (even though you can barely see this all black rabbit) while all the other kids were chasing goats and nobody even notices that there is a rabbit cage in there and the rabbits sometimes sit right where you can gently feel how incredibly soft they are. I love how he has learned to be gentle.

Learn more about the tour we do every month and visiting the San Diego Zoo with your playgroup

I'll keep sharing all the little secrets we find...

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  1. Petting zoos are always fun! Glad you guys had fun as well!


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