Saturday, October 18, 2014

San Diego New Children's Museum and October 2014 FREE Coupon

We took the Coaster train down to the New Children's Museum in San Diego, yesterday with friends and had a blast!

We scored a FREE child coupon they have for the month of October. I just emailed myself a screenshot to show them. No need to print!

Taking the train was so easy and fun. We got off at Santa Fe Station and walked the 1/2 mile there with strollers. Of course the little kid and his buddy loved it!

The museum is a big open and airy space, downtown San Diego. There is tons of stuff for preschoolers and little kids to do there!

They have a chicken coop area outside and bring the chickens in to eat and so the kids can meet them. My son LOVEs meeting animals up close.

There is a cool indoor jungle gym area, a music room, wooden blocks table, arts and crafts area, a car driving area and more downstairs.

My kid particularly liked the cars, especially when he figured out that you could soup it up with velcro decorations.


He was fascinated by this play area, but opted for the arts and crafts instead. (My boy!)

They have painting and sculpting on their outdoor patio.

Everything is so well organized and there is so much space to accommodate lots of families and strollers, here. 

Everything is fresh open-air warehouse style with roll-up doors and sunlight streaming in.

He definitely enjoyed the clay tools. We do a lot of drawing, painting, and beading at home. I think we are going to have to start sculpting.

He was in this area the longest. First you see a ton of people. Then, notice he is last man standing, haha.

I always felt like sculpting came naturally to me. I can make anything out of a lump of clay.

Maybe he will follow in my footsteps.

There's even more to do upstairs AND downstairs at the musem.

They had fun in this playhouse for a while. There are books to read, inside.

He loved the food theme play area upstairs!

Everything was so cute and CLEAN! It was also very well staffed.

It was all good and fine until someone brought cars in to play with. Then all hell broke loose. (Fighting, not sharing, crying) Dude. Just leave your toys at home. You don't need them here. Seriously. This place is a child's imagination come to life.

I couldn't get him out of here and we actually needed to eat REAL food. Momma was sneaking chips because she was starving and the signs say no food or drink, but I couldn't get him out of the cheese!

We definitely could have spent more time in here. Possibly all day, but we actually had adult plans that night and it is the last night of free babysitting by Grandma before she gets surgery and is off her feet for a while...

That means we HAVE to come back. We didn't get a chance to do the chariots, the bubbly table outside and a few other things, but the kids were getting worn out and unreasonable at this point, anyway.

We stopped by their lovely little cafe, had our lunch then headed back north on the fun train again.

We had such an amazing time. I almost want to bring him back this month while the coupon is still good! Every little bit counts when you want to do as many activities as we do! Speaking of which, we are heading out again today. This time, wearing the mysterious Halloween costume (which isn't DONE, but it will work for today) for the first time of many this season. I will update what and where later on, so stop by and see!!!


  1. OMG! That looks awesome. I haven't taken my son to the Childern's Museum here in Atlanta yet, but I'm hoping it looks exciting as the one in San Diego and that he'll enjoy it like your LO's!

  2. This looks like a wonderful time for kids. I wish we had something like this close by. Thank you for sharing

  3. Aw, so glad you guys had fun! It looked like fun!


Thanks for the comment!

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