Monday, October 13, 2014

Review - Alpha Grillers Garlic Press & Peeler Set

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We LOVE garlic in this house. I love the smell of it cooking, and the taste of it in our food. I believe that it inhibits bacterial growth and is a natural antibiotic as well, so we try to add it to many different sauces and foods.

The problem that people often face is that garlic can be difficult to work with, since you have to peel each small clove, then chop it, which can lead to smelly fingers and be quite time consuming. Chopping it in my food processor is effective, yet it requires pulling the whole thing out and then cleaning the entire thing, blades and all afterward. All these issues can be a deterrent for using this magical cloves of goodness.

This week, we got the opportunity to review the Alpha Grillers Garlic Press & Peeler Set. I am about to explain to you how working with garlic can be a whole lot easier than you ever imagined with this thing.

The Alpha Grillers Garlic Press comes in a beautiful gift box. It is made of solid stainless steel. It is ergonomically designed so squeezing is simple and comfortable to do, and best of all, cleanup is so easy because it is dishwasher safe. You don't even have to peel the cloves, however, if you want to minimize cleanup even further, because this garlic press comes with a rubber peeler that pops the garlic clove right out of the skin (also dishwasher safe). I just like to do a quick rinse and use my brush to get the bits out of the press before I toss it in the dishwasher.

To peel your garlic, although unpeeled cloves work perfectly fine in the garlic press, you simply place unpeeled cloves in your peeler and roll under the palm of your hand.

The skin breaks off the cloves completely. I had never seen or used anything like this, but now it is a must-have essential which saves a whole lot of time. Plus, peeled garlic is easier to press.

To press garlic, you simply place it in the Garlic Press and squeeze. Gorgeous finely crushed garlic is pushed through the little holes with ease. It is now ready to use in any recipe.

You can put several cloves in at a time with no problem. I love how easy and fast it is to get fresh garlic into a recipe.

My favorite is to spread some vegan butter on Italian bread, then spread the crushed garlic on top, and pop into the toaster oven for the fastest and freshest garlic bread you can imagine.

I prep it while my pasta water is boiling and my jar of red sauce is on the stove and start my toaster oven halfway through my pasta cooking. This makes a delicious fast and healthy meal that fills everyone up with no fuss. Oh, and have you ever read the ingredients on one of those frozen ready to bake garlic breads? Don't bother! You can make this garlic bread faster than it takes you to read through the massive list of chemical ingredients you can't pronounce.

Since we've received the Garlic Press and Peeler, we've used it many times, with no issues whatsoever. It still looks and works great, and each time we use it, we just toss it in the dishwasher and it comes out nice and clean. It truly makes working with fresh garlic so much easier.

This garlic press is an excellent addition to any kitchen and it makes a great gift, too. The box makes such a  nice presentation with the added bonus of the peeler for anyone who loves to cook, or just wants to throw healthy food together with little fuss and easy cleanup.

The Alpha Grillers Garlic Press & Peeler Set "50 Delicious Recipes Using Crushed and Sliced Garlic" and you can buy it on!

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