Monday, October 13, 2014

Post Punk Kitchen Vegan Maple Sausage

I got the chance to learn how to make the Post Punk Kitchen Vegan Maple Sausages Recipe with my mom, the other day. Not only are these sausages EASY to make, but they taste amazing! I used to love the Morningstar Farms breakfast sausages and we ate them all the time. That was back before I really had the time or the drive to read labels and learn about food. Once I really started spending my time doing research on eating healthy, I realized what garbage those sausages were.

I know a lot of folks feel overwhelmed by all the ever-changing what's good for you, what's bad for you, everything's bad for you, everything is going to kill you, endless headlines, news stories, Facebook posts, but if we take it one step at a time, one food at a time, it is possible to get rid of all the chemicals, preservatives, animal derived, and non-food items that we grew up on and find a healthier way of life.

Although it is nearly impossible to find healthy, ready made sausages on the market, right now, I found out that making them at home is not nearly as difficult or scary as I thought it would be. Plus, these sausages have the potential to make your life that much better! (IMO ;)

Here is the recipe we used, although we didn't have the fennel. (they still tasted fantastic) 

You start out by crushing your pinto beans. It is recommended that you begin boiling your water, while you do this because the rest of the recipe comes together pretty quickly.

You mix all your ingredients into a dough.

Then you divide into rather ugly looking sausage shapes.

The recipe makes 4 large ones.

Then you wrap them somewhat tightly. They don't have to be perfect. They will expand to fill the foil roll.

My mom has this awesome steamer pot. I totally need to get one of these.

Then you steam them up according to the recipe and you will end up with a beautiful vegan sausage!

Mom browned them in her cast iron skillet and served them with blueberry pancakes. Hubby rushed over to enjoy them, too. Everyone LOVES these! I can't wait to make them again!!!


  1. Wow this looks great! We love maple anything! Yumm!

  2. This recipe is amazing, I will be making these for sure! We love sausage with pancakes but we don't eat much of it because of how unhealthy it is.


Thanks for the comment!

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