Monday, October 6, 2014

Review - Dino Construction Company Boom

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You may have seen my previous review, for The Dino Construction Company "Wrecker". Well, we were lucky enough to review another one from this awesome series, The Educational Insights Dino Construction Company "Boom" The Brachiosaurus Backhoe

The "Boom" is similar to the "Wrecker, in that it is another fantastic hybrid construction vehicle/dinosaur toy. It is made of sturdy plastic, it doesn't need batteries, and it doesn't have any metal parts, making it ideal for any type of indoor/outdoor, wet/dry, dirty, crunching, crushing, crashing, scooping, chomping children's play.

It rolls via belt, which turns best on a solid surface (not in loose sand) but with a minimal of moving parts and connections, this toy will survive asphalt, concrete, dirt, mud, sand, water, snow, and all those other surfaces and materials a little kid will discover with this toy.

The "Boom" is unique because it has both a scooping backhoe, on a hinged and rotating arm, which also looks like a Brachiosaurus tail, and it has a neck that "booms" out or extends to double the size, and can also bend to the ground. 

The mouth opens and closes, much to the delight of my little dude.

My son really enjoys dinosaurs AND construction trucks, so this was a toy that seemed to roll right out of his imagination. He is almost 3 years old and he was extremely excited about rolling this toy, "revving," and making it chomp and "roar." Once we rolled it around the house, we took it for a spin outside for the ultimate test of the elements. 

He rolled it in the dirt, chomped leaves with it, exercised its backhoe, and pulled its neck all the way out to chomp leaves on the pepperberry tree. 

The "Boom" got to meet the "Wrecker," who is a T-Rex, and it got off to a bad start (what do you expect, T-Rexes are "mean carnivores!") but they were able to work it out, thanks to a mini-mediator, and start to cooperate on the construction site.

An added bonus is that you can actually fit an action figure into the driver's seat, if you like. It is easy to access the cab and there is a little steering wheel to increase the play value.

The Dino Construction Company "Boom" is a fun toy that is holding up well to the pressure and play that my rowdy little tough guy dishes out. The construction vehicle inspires his creativity as he drives through all different terrain, digging, scooping, and interacting with other vehicles and surroundings, and the dinosaur face, head, and tail sparks animated role playing with roaring, chomping, eating, and anything else the child's imagination drives.

Besides the "Boom" and the "Wrecker," there are two others that I feel we may need to buy, because these are so much fun:

The birthday, and holidays are coming, so these might have to be on the list!

* I received the toy to facilitate our review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. All photos are property of this site and cannot be used without our permission.

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