Friday, October 3, 2014

Review - Dino Construction Company Wrecker

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You may know that I have a little dino fan on my hands. He also happens to have a strong affinity for construction trucks. Can you imagine how excited we were when we were given the chance to review the Educational Insights Dino Construction Company "Wrecker"?

The Wrecker is a Tyrannosaurus/construction truck hybrid. For the fact that trucks and dinos are most likely in the top 5 of little kid toys of ALL TIME, I think it is absolutely brilliant that someone has finally thought to combine the two.

Educational Insights Dino Construction Company "Wrecker" is made of strong plastic, free of metal parts and electronics, and it does NOT require batteries (yay!). The digger part is a T-Rex head that can be raised and lowered with jaws that open and close and the tail is fully articulated "wrecker."

It moves via a rubber belt mechanism and it can roll best on solid surfaces like concrete or wood.

My son who is just about 3 years old enjoyed rolling the Dino Wrecker around on the hardwood floor. He loved the T-Rex features and had fun opening and closing the mouth, roaring and revving as he rolled it along. He could move the tail all around and move the head up and down easily.

The plastic that this toy is made out of is strong enough for a rough little kid, so we were inclined to take it and try it outside. My son was delighted by the toothy jaws of the T-Rex head and was able to dig up wood chips into the toy's mouth.

Then he "chomped" plants with it, 

rolled it through the dirt...

...and raised the head up to chomp pepper berry leaves hanging from the tree. He had fun knocking things down and running things over, too! These toys are obviously made for indoor and outdoor use, to withstand dirt, sand, water, and the endless possibilities from the imagination of a little kid.

One of the coolest things is that they make other vehicles in this series. We were also given the Dino Construction Company "Boom" Brachiosaurus Backhoe for review and my little guy had fun making the two interact.

Of course the T-Rex had to "bite" the Brachiosaurus before they sorted it out and began landscaping together. T-Rexes are carnivores after all...

I would not hesitate to purchase the other Dino trucks in this line. In fact, I think it is practically inevitable. Plus, I think these would make great gifts for a birthday and the holidays which are coming up. (I could only imagine how much fun these could be in the snow!)

If your age 3+ children likes to spend his playtime on the "construction site", or chomping and roaring, they will surely some good rough and tough construction play with these!

* We were given both toys to facilitate a review, however, all thoughts and opinions are our own. All photos are property of and cannot be used without our permission.


  1. That was my first thought too when I saw this - finally someone thought to combine trucks and dinosaurs together!!

  2. This is so fun. Great for the little one


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