Monday, October 27, 2014

Review - Miss Oops Sweater Shaver

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I HATE pilling on clothes. I had no idea how to remove pilling and would usually send clothing that had pilled up to the Goodwill or Salvation Army, or if it was really bad, just throw it away. It makes clothes look old and worn out and looks horrible. The worst is when you get something new and after one wash you notice pilling, or even worse is when something you love starts to pill and becomes unwearable.

I recently got the opportunity to try out the Miss Oops Sweater Shaver which claimed that it could safely remove pilling from clothing. I was a little skeptical at first, but if it could save some of my clothing, ultimately saving me money, I was willing to give it a try.

The Sweater Shaver is a simple, sponge-sized, rectangular, pumice stone. It is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to purchasing new clothes. The manufacturer claims that it is safe to use on cashmere, wool, flannel, cotton, and synthetic fibers.

I found a couple items in my closet that had been pulled out of the rotation due to extreme pilling but hadn't made it to the donation bag, yet. I tested a pink sweater which is a synthetic blend that only got a couple wears and washes before pilling pretty badly. 

One of my favorite shirts that had gotten very pilly.

My other test garment was a 100% cotton top that was a favorite of mine. I couldn't bear to get rid of it and had been wearing it in the garden on weekends, but never left the house wearing it anymore.

After is on the left, before on the right.

I have to admit, I was pretty amazed when I tested the cotton shirt. You simply hold the garment in place with one hand and gently rub it with the Sweater Shaver with the other hand, going with the grain of the fabric. The Sweater Shaver pulled the pilling off the shirt right away. You can see the before and after of the initial test. It worked perfectly!

The results were just as astonishing on the pink sweater. 

I honestly had no idea that there was a product available that could rescue clothes that I previously would have removed from my wardrobe.

Green shirt with pilling removed.

After testing the two items, I decided to go ahead and finish both of them. The green top had pretty uniform pilling all over, as did the pink sweater. It took me a little while, but it was a perfect little project to do while watching TV. Once you get the hang of it, it actually goes rather quickly.

Before is on the bottom, after is on the top.

I would consider both the sweater and top wearable once again! Although the Miss Oops Sweater Shaver will not reverse an extremely worn out look, if you have something that is simply suffering from pilling, you can definitely get it back to almost new with a little bit of elbow grease, which is as close to a miracle as you could hope for.

Most of the pilling removed from pink sweater.

I would definitely recommend the very easy to use and reasonably priced Miss Oops Sweater Shaver, which you can purchase on, for anyone that likes to look their best and would prefer to removed any evidence of pilling from anything in their wardrobe. It will extend the life and use of pieces that you would normally have retired and you will have to come up with other ways to ruin your clothes, like wine, spaghetti sauce, arts and crafts, running through the woods, etc.

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