Friday, November 7, 2014

Cute, Funny, Heart-warming Viral Videos to Make You Smile, Laugh, Cry

We've got another round of cute videos for you, today from!

I'm a big fan of creative birth announcements although we simply spilled the beans with ours. I still have an idea of a creative photo I want to share on Facebook for anyone who doesn't know that we are expecting a second... see there I go again, spoiling the surprise.

Here's a creative video with a horror movie theme that this couple produced to announce their pregnancy. Don't worry! It's CUTE, not scary...

Ok, do you need some straight up cute, now? Watch this sleepy puppy fail at training. Maybe we need to train his people, instead. Someone let these guys know that training is boring; playing is fun. Oh, and where's the treat?! Forget it! Wake me up when there's a treat in that hand... 

Ok, so some puppies totally stink at training (or just have an adorable case of narcolepsy) but not THIS puppy. World's cutest Yorkie also seems to be world's smartest. Watch this Yorkie blow your mind with her trick skills!

There is nothing like a newborn baby to warm your heart, but what if that baby shows up way earlier than planned? Grab a Kleenex but rest assured that this profile of a preemie has a happy outcome. It won't make watching this loving momma go through many emotional weeks waiting to take her NICU baby home any easier, but it is beautiful and reassuring to see everything unfold...

Finally a little laugh at a kid in the chorus line that steals the show. Next stop, Hollywood, for this little cutie!

Source: Tiny Tap Dancer Steals the Show! by RandallBurns on Rumble

Check out for more cute, funny, fascinating, and everything in between viral videos! 

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