Thursday, November 6, 2014

San Diego Zoo Mommy and Me Day - Bears, Pandas, Hippos, and More

It was another Mommy and Me date at the San Diego Zoo, today! The theme this month was pandas. This was probably one of the best tours we've been on all year. Tiffany was our guide, for a second time, and she really has a great way of engaging with the little kids. Plus, the other mommy group that was supposed to join us canceled, so it was just a few of us and our kids got a whole tour with one on one time with the tour guides!

My little guy had lots of questions and got all the answers today!

It is hard to see the bears because of the landscape barrier. It is hard for me to pick up my little dude because of my preggo belly. Tour guide to the rescue!

We saw some sleepy Grizzlies...

...and some playful lemurs.

Then we got to see the Red Panda snacking...

and a little more special treatment when they let our little kids go past the barrier to get a closer look at the sleepy panda. 

Then, as usual, we got a story and a sticker. Great tour as usual! If you are in a mommy group on in the San Diego area, definitely check out my post San Diego Zoo Mommy Group Planner to join these awesome free tours with your group!

Of course, after the tour, we do our own exploring...

and got a HUGE hippo treat of getting up close to two sleepy hippos!

That face is just too much!

The tiger was out and about, today...

... and we stopped to say hi to some long necked turtles and the crocs.

I'm going to have to say that this guy is kinda cute in a creepy goofy sorta way...

Always a good time at the zoo!


  1. awww, looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I love the zoo!

  2. This was a great review! I was able to go to the San Diego zoo when I was young. Would love to take my grandchildren there.


Thanks for the comment!

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