Tuesday, November 11, 2014

ModCloth 2014 Holiday Gift Guide - My Picks for Guys

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I love looking at ModCloth for holiday gifts. They always have really unique and hip novelty items, kitchen accessories, decor, and clothing for men and women. I always have a tough time gifting men, but I found a few items in their 2014 Holiday Gift Guide that would be just perfect for some of the guys in my life.

How cool is this Yummy Strumming Cutting Board? This would be a great gift for a host or work colleauge who likes music, or your friend or loved one in a band. I would totally bring this as a gift for the host with wine, crackers, and cheese. A guitar cutting board would look so amazing as a rockin' cheese board!

Here's another geat gift for your bachelor friend who is a LEGO fan. It is far from uncommon for a guy who played with LEGO as a child to continue to be attached to the toy as an adult. If you know an adult who has LEGO on his desk, around his house or even in his closet, you know he is playing with it when no one is around. Why not help him get it out in the open with the New Chef on the Block Cooking Utensil Set.

The Inte-rex-ing Choice Plate is another guy-gift idea. Most men at the very least had a dino phase in their lifetime, if not several years playing, pretending, and obsessing over dinosaurs, particularly the mighty T-Rex. Now, this fierce dino can make a comeback in your brother's or guy friend's adult life by offering crackers or snacks with this classy but cool dish.

Speaking of dinosaurs, the Object d’Artifact Keepsake Box would make a really unique and special gift for any guy who ever was a Stegosaurus fan, which includes most of the guys (and kids) I know. In fact, I think my son would LOVE one of these to keep some of his treasured items safely inside. 

Shop Our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Check out ModCloth's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide because there really are so many fun thing that would make perfect gifts for that special someone!


  1. Nice! Loving the guitar cutting board! Perfect gift for the artist boyfriend

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  3. OMG! Loving these ideas, the guitar cutting board, Lego utensils and the dinosaur serving tray!! Soooo cute!


Thanks for the comment!

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