Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cute Mens' Mossimo Boxer Briefs from Target.com and Clearance Deals

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I'm always posting cute for stuff the kid and me. Well today, it is cute stuff for the hubs. My hubby, who I like to call "Daddy on the Dollar" is a hard working dude with a great sense a humor and fun sense of style. He is a Project Manager, but not the kind who wears a suit and tie. Most of the time he wears shorts and a graphic tee shirt to work, keeps his crazy hair under a ball cap, and grows his beard out once in a while. He travels a lot and cleans up when he needs to go to meetings in exotic places all over the world. 

He always gets a good laugh when I buy him funny Mossimo boxer briefs from Target.com. I can't help it they are just so darn cute! They are nice and fit really well, too. He loves 'em. I joked that I would post a picture of him wearing them on Facebook if I got 100 likes. He was not amused. I guess I get to keep my hubby in his coconut shorts all to myself!

The greatest thing is that a bunch of them are on clearance right now, so these are the one's that I bought... 


  1. Just ordered some for my hubby!

  2. i do not get stuff off the net i can go to the store and i got to look they have in boys size


Thanks for the comment!

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