Monday, November 24, 2014

Review - Deiss Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler

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We eat all vegetarian and very often vegan in this house. Every Friday, we get a CSA box that fills our fridge with a fresh batch of organic fruit and vegetables. Our meals are often simple and healthy. Stir fried or sauteed noodles and vegetables is a staple dish but I have to admit, it can get a little boring when things aren't swimming in grease, butter, or cheese.

This is why were were excited to try out the Deiss Dual Julienne & Vegetable Peeler. We always love a new kitchen tool, especially one that does something amazing with vegetables or allows us to use and eat them in a different way. Well this vegetable peeler cuts vegetables in four different ways!

There are two sides to the Deiss Dual vegetable peeler. One side does long, thing, and beautiful julienned strips. The other side does a standard peel with a slight texture to remove skin or do thin strips. There are also two little added bonuses on either end that cut curved or 'v' shaped grooves. 

The grooves are going to come in handy with my cute food and sculptures made out of fruits and veggies!

Each of the four peeling options were super easy to do. I tested them out on a variety of vegetables and had no problem making exciting new things happen with our boring old vegetables. My absolute favorite part is the julienne peeler. 

We made these gorgeous, long, spaghetti-like strips of orange and purple carrots that we tossed into our pan with oil, noodles, chopped broccoli, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and some Bragg's Aminos.

The handle is rubberized so I had no problem gripping the handle and completing the entire carrot without struggling or slipping.

Now we have made this stir-fried dish many times before, but the julienned carrots took it to a whole new level. We normally just cut our carrots into little discs. Sometimes I would use my food processor if I want shredded carrots, but the resulting pieces are only half as long and cleanup is a pain! This time, the long, thin pieces blended in a flavorful and textural medley alongside the noodles in a way that I had never experienced. 

I think the most fun was twirling up my noodles and carrots and having bites of the blended foods. My toddler loved this too!

The Deiss Peeler is easy to use, sturdy, sharp, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe. I highly recommend it for creative garnishes, decorative dishes, and new takes and textures on old favorites. It is a great price, an excellent value and makes a perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the holidays!

You can pick up a Deiss Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler on Amazon or other fine stores.

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  1. I love this post :) Made me want one of those peelers and the yummy food. My kid has been put on a new diet for her Pancreatitis and I am currently loving any Veggie/Vegan recipe posts. Hope to see more.

  2. I really need a new vegetable peeler that doesn't fall apart. Love this one.

  3. I'd love to buy this one. Thanks for sharing!


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