Monday, November 24, 2014

Review - Hasbro Transformers Mega Flip Bumble Bee

This is a sponsored post on behalf of AMP however all thoughts, opinions, and this happy kid is my own.

Toys are practically a lifestyle for my family and I. From collecting to career choices, both adults and kids have always been involved and engaged with toys in one way or another for generations, so when we were asked to become Official Toy Testers and visit our local Walmart to check out a Chosen By Kids toy event, we knew they had picked the right people for the job! 

It is usually a bee-line for the toy department in Walmart for us, anyway, but this day, we just had to look for the Chosen By Kids toy testing station and displays to check out this season's newest and best new toys and let the toy testing begin! My son is only three, but he knew that this guy on the right was a Transformer and was more than happy to try him out...

They also had the new Lalaloopsy Diaper Surprise, and the Cra-Z-Art Sea Creature Sand. We were pretty amazed at how the Cra-Z Sand actually stuck together like clay, but then, like magic, you could chop it up into sand again.

Now, for the FUN part! We actually got to purchase a Hasbro Transformers Mega Flip Bumble Bee to take home with us to review. 

We are going to have a lot of fun, together!

And it turns into a race car?! Fascinating!

The Mega Flip Bumble Bee at Walmart actually came with a Bonus Value Decepticon Stinger, so not only do you get the big yellow robot that turns into a sports car, but you get a miniature red robot Transformer too!

Mommy was very thankful that the box explained how this toy transforms from robot to car. My son is a little below the age range for this toy, and even though Daddy and I think he is pretty advanced, I still needed to read the instructions on how to make the transformation.

This is before...

... and after!

My son is a car fanatic, so he is mostly enjoying the Transformers in the car state. I have to admit, they are pretty cool looking. The Bumblebee makes a really nice sized vehicle that you can have a lot of fun racing around. My little guy really liked this toy, so I can really see how this could appeal to a child that has seen the cartoons and can play along with some of the story lines.

So, if you have a race car revving, robot loving little guy, like I do, I highly recommend asking Santa to put a Hasbro Transformers Mega Flip Bumble Bee under the Christmas Tree. It is sure to bring on the smiles!

If you want to have a little fun testing out new toys, like we did, then I encourage you to check out one of Walmart's Holiday Toyland Events happening at a participating store during November and December. Become an Official Toy Tester, too, and find out which toys are chosen by your kids!


  1. My son is getting this for Christmas from my MIL this year! I can't wait to see his face when he opens up his present :)

  2. We love the TRANSFORMERS and have had our eye on Bumblebee. Here is hoping that Santa drops him off at our house on Christmas Eve!

  3. This is such a great new Transformers toy that any Transformer fan would love. Glad to see Walmart had it!


    Mom Does Reviews

  4. OMGoodness, love his reaction. My boys would love this, anything related to Transformers they go crazy.

  5. I love his smile and I love that in no time they figure out how to do this themselves! Sweet story - thanks for sharing!

  6. he looks like he loves it! We have this too and my son loves his

  7. This is a really fun toy. My boys have it.

  8. Transformers are the best! Two toys in one, LOL! My son played a lot with his when he was younger. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I used to love playing with Transformers. Such a neat two in one toys. Glad to see they are back by popular demand.

  10. WOW he is a cutie!!! If my son will be half as happy as your son looks then it is worth getting! Looks like a fun toy.

  11. My grandsons favorite transformer is bumblebee. I have been debating between transformers and erector sets for him. Now I am thinking both =)


Thanks for the comment!

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