Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Review - Pancake Pile-Up Game

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Woohoo, another game review!!! We just got the chance to review another great Educational Insights Game, called Pancake Pile-Up. We have become really big fans of their games in the last few weeks as we did a few other reviews, so we couldn't wait to try this one out. 

Pancake Pile-Up is a game for ages 4 years and up, but our son is only 3 and we still had fun! The game comes with plastic pancakes, 2 pats of butter, 2 spatulas, 2 plates, and cards with pancake stacking combos on them. The object of the game is to break into relay teams or just go head-to-head if it is just two players, and be the first team or person to stack the pancakes according to the card by carrying them on spatulas from point A to point B.

Since there are only 3 of us, and one was taking pictures for this blog post, my husband and son were our pancake stacking contestants. We decided that it would be easier for the little guy's age for the two of them to just race to be the first to stack 5 pancakes with a butter on top. We placed pancakes on one play table and the plates on the other and "on your marks, get set, GO!"

The race was on, and there was a lot of laughter and excitement. My son totally got it right away and had a blast! We played a few rounds and were able to do the stacking according to the cards as long as we coached a little along the way. 

The little guy's competitive spirit compelled him to "cheat" and use his hands to keep his pancake on the spatula so he could run faster. Nobody called him out for it. We were having too much fun losing because even the losers have fun in this game.

Pancake Pile-Up is a great game if you want to get everyone on their feet and exercising. Relay races are fun and they are even more fun when you are doing them with pancakes. Everything is really great quality, as is expected from Educational Insights. 

The game lasted long after the races with my son, who had fun playing with all the pieces and "cooking" up some pancakes after we were done taking turns racing with him.

This is a great little game for the younger kids or the whole family. It is fantastic indoors as long as you have the space indoors to run back and forth, and probably even better outdoors. I'm looking forward to setting it up with my little guy's friends when they are just a tad older and don't need as much coaching. It would be a great party game, lots of fun for an outdoor picnic, and perfect for a birthday or holiday gift.

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