Monday, December 22, 2014

Freelance Writing Jobs that Pay with WriterInBox and Promo Code

This post is sponsored by WriterInBox, but all thoughts, opinions, and pictures of me working are my own.

My freelance fantasy - Me blogging circa 2006 from a fancy hotel when I had a (somewhat) regular job and no kids! Am I wearing makeup?!?!

When I was laid off from my job at 7 months pregnant 3 years ago, I knew I wanted to get back into writing. I figured it would be such an easy and fun thing to do while staying at home with a baby, not to mention a great way to make money. Three years later, I'm still home with my little guy with another baby on the way, and I'm still writing!

The making money part? Well, let's just say that's a little harder than it originally seemed like it would be. I suppose I underestimated how demanding a child could be and how maintaining focus on anything but said child can be virtually impossible.

Me (trying) to write, today. I've perfected the 1 handed typing while snuggling skill.

The most difficult part, and least fun of all, is actually searching for writing jobs that pay, when you are already spread so thin. I just got the opportunity to try out a service that makes the freelance writing job search SO much easier. It is called WriterInBox and they do all the legwork for you, searching for writing jobs and sending new jobs to you via daily email.

WriterInBox guarantees 4+ writing job leads every day, and I have been receiving daily emails with a lot more, since I've signed up. The projects come from a range of different sources found all over the web and neatly packaged in a great little list that contains links to apply for each one.

Here's a good one!

Ooooh, OOOH - I'm a funny dog loving writer! How did they know?

Lulu in a rare moment where she is NOT laying on my keyboard... must be because I staged this photo. Normally I just get a lot of this: aslkkjfaj;ags;jlgsa;lk from her!

The jobs are tailored to your preferences and they are pulled from a variety of different sources from to writing marketplaces like Elance and Odesk. WriterInBox does not share your information or spam you in any way, like some of the job sites. (I'm still getting emails trying to get me to sell insurance from some other sites which shall remain nameless and assure you, I am NOT interested - who would buy insurance from me, anyway?!).

WriterInBox is streamlined email that will save you tons of time searching for jobs when you'd rather be writing. They make finding freelance jobs that pay fast and simple, so I can stick to parenting, writing, and doing all the fun things that I like to write about on my blog, and hopefully score some really great gigs where I can cash in once in while!

Sign up for WriterInBox, today, and see what you think!

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