Tuesday, December 9, 2014

NEW Citizen Blue Collection by Tea Collection

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Buruberu Wrap Dress

I am such a big fan of the Tea Collection for kids clothing. I have a little girl on the way and I can't wait to see her in one of their super-soft cotton wrap dresses. I'm just obsessed with these! Not only do I like the designs for babies and kids, I love the company philosophy of ethically sourced clothing because although you may balk at the price, it is mostly because these beautiful garments are of excellent quality and not made in some horrible sweatshop.

Right now, the Tea Collection has just come out with a NEW Citizen Blue Collection which is just gorgeous!

Shop Baby Girls Citizen Blue Styles at Tea Collection

I am nuts over their little clothing sets which make it so easy to purchase a fresh wardrobe of matching clothing!

Cherry Blossoms Set

I'm also in love with this sweatshirt for the older girls. I love anything flowers...

Ju-Xian Zip Hoodie

Of course there is great stuff for the boys, too. My son is really into dragons, right now, and turquoise is his color, according to Momma, so this collection has his name all over it. 

Backpacker Set

Shop Boys Citizen Blue Styles at Tea Collection and check out all the new clothing for kids of all sizes to put together soft, comfortable, and casual cuteness that they will love!


  1. These are so cute, which I had a girl LOL

  2. Love their selections! Thank you for the introduction.

  3. These are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


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