Tuesday, December 2, 2014

UPS Wishes Delivered - A Great Way to Give Back by Simply Sharing Your Wish

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of UPS. All opinions are 100% mine.

The holidays are upon us. Many of us are starting to shop, spending money, buying things we need, things we don't need, getting ready to give gifts to family and friends. Maybe we are volunteering our time, or giving to charity. We are wishing for things and sometimes, a delivery truck pulls up, and a package is left on your doorstep, or under your Christmas tree, like a wish come true. 
Maybe we wish we could do more, give more, give something we have no means to give, give a person or an animal a chance for something they may not ever get the chance for. What if you had a dollar for every wish that was made? That could probably make a lot of wishes come true...


Right now, up until December 31st, for every wish made for somebody else on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WishesDelivered or wishes made directly on the #WishesDelivered site, $1.00 will be donated by UPS. Up to $100,000.00 in donations to be distributed to Salvation Army, Boy & Girls Club, and Toys for Tots.

Learn more about UPS Your Wishes Delivered here:

So it is time to starting making those wishes out loud, for your loved ones, for strangers, for children, animals, and anyone that you are hoping something special will happen for. No wish is too big or too small. Just get it from your heart and put it out there. Here's a few of mine... there are just too many wishes to list!
I wish all the pets in our local animal shelter get a forever home for the holidays #WishesDelivered 
I wish people with Downs Syndrome could be equally considered for organ transplants #WishesDelivered 
I wish my in-laws house sale will go through so they can get to Florida and not have to endure another cold winter in the Northeast. #WishesDelivered 
Help me with my wishes...
Maybe, if you are thinking about getting a pet for your family, you will consider pet adoption, and spaying and neutering your pets will help prevent unwanted animals ending up in shelters. There is a petition taking off on Change.org to give consideration to equal organ transplants to those with Downs Syndrome. My wish could become a reality if they get their signatures and lawmakers take notice! Finally, keep your fingers crossed for my in-laws who are beyond ready to get on with their retirement and out of the snow. Maybe my wishes will come true... you never know!
Post YOUR Wishes...
For each wish posted on Instagram or Twitter with #WishesDelivered, UPS donates $1.00 to its charity partners. With just a few thoughts in 150 characters or less or an Instagram photo that says it all, it is that easy to do a little something extra for someone else this holiday season. So make sure you take a second and post something to help them reach their $100,000.00 goal!


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